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Cervical ganglioneuritis can be upper cervical, lower cervical and stellate. Manifestations of upper cervical inflammation. Ganglioneuritis of the lower sternum and lower back is accompanied by. Other possible manifestations of Minocin of the ganglia. Inflammation of the nerve node is diagnosed by a neurologist based on. In addition, instrumental methods are used.

To identify the causative agent of the infectious process, serological studies are carried out.

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Since the pain syndrome during inflammation of the nerve ganglion is nonspecific, many patients take the symptoms of pelvic postherpetic ganglioneuritis for gynecological pathology and seek treatment from a gynecologist. The defeat of the ganglion is differentiated from funicular myelosis, spinal tumor, neurosis, and so on.

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The treatment algorithm for ganglion vevritis is determined by its causes. Etiological therapy is aimed at stopping the inflammatory process. For example, for the treatment of viral pelvic ganglioneuritis of herpetic origin, antiviral drugs are prescribed - zovirax, acyclovir. If the pathology is caused by a bacterial infection, antibiotics are used.

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With the ineffectiveness of conservative therapy, sympathectomy is performed - the removal of the affected area of the autonomic nervous system. Depending on the localization of the inflamed ganglion, it can be thoracic, lumbar, and so on. As a rule, interventions are carried out in a minimally invasive way - through laparo- or thoracoscopy.

General directions for the treatment of ganglioneuritis of the lower sternum and other zones.

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Ganglioneuritis has a favorable prognosis for life, subject to adequate treatment.

In many cases, therapy continues for a long time, while the patient's ability to work decreases. The main measures to prevent inflammation of the nerve nodes are the timely treatment of infectious diseases and the strengthening of minocycline pills. Ganglioneuritis. causes, signs, symptoms and treatment.

minocycline is an inflammatory process that affects nerve fibers and nodes.

Ganglioneuritis is an inflammatory lesion of nerve nodes (ganglia). The nerve trunks associated with the ganglia are involved in the process of inflammation andperipheral nerves. The process of diagnosing is difficult, as many of the symptoms are similar to those of other diseases. An accurate diagnosis can be made by a neurologist. Symptoms depend on the causes and localization of inflammation, but there are common for each type of disease.

General characteristic symptoms of ganglioneuritis.

The most common causes of the development of the disease are acute infections and chronic diseases. prostatitis, adnexitis, tonsillitis. Development is facilitated by intoxication of the body, neoplasms, frequent hypothermia, nervous stress, overwork, and operations. The following types of ganglioneuritis are distinguished depending on the affected area.

Ganglioneuritis of the cervical node is divided into 3 types. With a disease of the lumbar sympathetic nodes, there is a violation of the sensitivity of the legs and lower body, severe pain appears, the sciatic nerve may become inflamed, and a rash appears in the pelvic area. Often the disease causes herpes, so there are inflammation of the urinary organs, a rash on the outside of the genital organs.

Inflammation of the sacral sympathetic nodes may cause inflammation and itching in the vulva, impaired urination. In women - menstrual cycle failure, spotting. Ganglioneuritis of the pterygopalatine ganglion is accompanied by involuntary lacrimation, nasal discharge. Possible hyperemia of the face. The disease can be provoked by inflammation of the teeth, tonsillitis, infection.

With a disease of the crankshaft, the patient experiences severe paroxysmal pain in the ear. The neck and back of the head may hurt. Paresis of the facial nerve often develops. Diagnosis and treatment of the patient.

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The diagnosis is made by a neuropathologist during the examination of the patient. Characteristic skin rashes, neurotrophic disorders and vasomotor disorders are taken into account. Differential diagnosis of this disease is carried out with funicular myelosis, syringomyelia, neoplasms and pathologies of blood flow in the spinal cord, neurotic diseases.

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The treatment of ganglioneuritis is complex, along with analgesics, physiotherapeutic procedures (electrophoresis, DDT, radon baths) are prescribed. With severe pain, paravertebral blockades, intravenous injections are indicated. If the disease is of a viral nature, then antibiotic therapy, Gamma Globulin, is prescribed.

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An additional examination on radiography, MRI or CT checks for other possible inflammations in the patient's body that accompany ganglioneuritis. A serological examination is carried out, with the help of which the causative agent of the disease is detected. Incorrect diagnosis leads to serious problems and deterioration of the patient's condition.